where to find fall colors in nov (in SE USA)?
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what part of south east US is likely to have the best fall colors (foliage) over the next week?

i am in richmond va. so anywhere 3-4 hours from here is doable. would ideally like to get a cabin and stay for 2-3 days. any cabin advice, very welcome as well!
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The Blue Ridge Parkway is in peak color. Take I-64 west to where it hits US 250 (90 or so miles from Richmond). Get off at the US 250 exit, and cut over to the parkway. Just remember when driving the Blue Ridge Parkway: there aren't many exits on or off of it, and limited services, so gas up before you get on it. Speed limit is 45 iirc, enforced fairly heavily.
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I was in Stanton, VA last year in October and it was lovely.
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Tennessee is gorgeous this time of year.

Here's a good tool. It's accurate in the NE, anyway.
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Here's some info on lodging in Shenandoah National Park, right on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Skyland is pretty cool, it's at least worth stopping by, they have some sweet views.
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You missed it at the southern end of the Parkway (by a few weeks at higher elevations in the south) but Staunton and Skyline Drive are likely to be pretty much near peak right now.
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Virginia Beach is looking pretty good right now, but seems to be peaking. I'd head somewhere a little further south.
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I would say that the Elkton part of Skyline Drive, at least, is a little past its peak. I'm seeing a good bit more brown now than the bright red and gold that we had last week.

On the map that holgate linked, Elkton is due east of Harrisonburg, out past the Massanutten resort on 33. It's closest to the Swift Run Gap entrance to Shenandoah National Park, for what that's worth.
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thank you all for the great inputs.

i will research the links and then find a cabin to go stay somewhere for two nights.
i hear that i should go south.

got to do it fast before the leaves all fall!

thank you.
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