Can you identify this story?
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Help me to identify this story about a man who agrees to become a prisoner in exchange for money, but ends up growing as a result!

When I was a kid, I read this story about 2 men who made an agreement.

1. Man A agreed to give Man B a lot of money if Man B would agree to be imprisoned for a long time. (Can't remember exactly, but it's like being in house arrest in a small cottage or something.)

2. I think B is basically uneducated and made the bet/agreement just to get money, but while locked up, he asks for and reads tons of books.

3. As the end of the period of imprisonment approaches, A is no longer the very wealthy person he was and probably can't honor the agreement.

4. However, B, after having read so many books and spent so much time in contemplation, is not the same man either and doesn't want the money. He considers his personal growth the ultimate reward.

Do you know what book/story this is???
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Best answer: The Bet, by Chekhov
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Response by poster: Fantastic! I can't believe someone made a version of this book for children. I was nowhere near precocious enough to have been reading Chekhov when I was in elementary school! Thanks Maxwell!
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Does A go broke financing B's contemplative leisure lifestyle? I think B knew all along that he was getting the better end of the bargain…
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There's also a Twilight Zone episode with a moderately similar premise.
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There's also a Kurt Schwitters Merz Fairytale where a soldier is imprisoned and physically grows, until building the prison to hold him bankrupts the country.
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And the Count of Monte Cristo has some similar elements.
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I saw a film version in High School. It stuck with me. As I recall it had a great Hero's Journey.
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Quite a stretch, but elements of this remind me a bit of William Sleator's Singularity.
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