Urban planning degree in Barcelona?
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I need help looking for a graduate school, preferably in Barcelona, or another European city, where they have Urban planning/ urban studies and /or urban design. I have a Bachelor's degree in Art History, minor in Geography and would like to get my Master's in Urban planning/ urban studies and /or urban design and I need a change..picking up and leaving the states. Would you know of any? Thanks.
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What languages do you speak?
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Mod note: From the OP:
Fluent in English and Spanish only
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The Universitat Pompeu Fabra participates in an interuniversity program in Land and Urban Planning Studies. You made need to brush up on your Catalan though.
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Many Scandinavian universities have Urban Planning programs that are entirely taught in English and do not have foreign language requirements (e.g., Sweden, Norway), but outside of Norway tuition is typically on the USD30,000-40,000 scale for the program.

Is money an issue at all? European master's programs are rarely funded, even in the sciences, and especially so for non-EU citizens.

Having said that, you would still have to pay for rent and living expenses, which will be substantial. I believe that the countries that I've looked at grant residence permits which allow you to work legally while you study (not the case for international students in the U.S.). Some, but not all schools in Europe have FAFSA codes that you will need in order to get federal loans, so that's something to consider, too.
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Check out the design.edu section of Core77 - scroll down for the search dialog box. The database is one of the most comprehensive. If the information is outdated, click through to the schools website. They don't tend to remember to update the information often enough.
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