Guittard chocolate chips in SF?
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Where can I buy Guittard chocolate chips in SF proper?

My local Target in Chicago used to sell Guittard chocolate chips but, unfortunately, they switched over to having only Nestle and Ghirardelli earlier this year. Bleech. Other chips just pale in comparison, to me.

I'm in SF for a few days and would love to pick up a few bags of chips to take home. Is there a grocery or other store where I can buy some in the general downtown area? I'm in SOMA.
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Best answer: Safeway should have them. The location at 298 King Street is probably closest.
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The closest one is probably in the sunset, but andronico's definitely carries them.
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Seconding Safeway.

(But if you really want to be picky about chocolate -- a position of which I wholeheartedly approve -- get yourself down to Tcho at Pier 17 and buy some of their fantastic, San Francisco-local chocolate)
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Best answer: You might also peruse the board of fare at Fog City News at 1st & Market.
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Response by poster: The Safeway is very close by, so I'll check that out - thank you. And if time allows, I'll swing by Tcho as well.
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brainmouse: Guittard is also a local chocolatier. They moved to Burlingame from San Francisco in the 50's when the Embarcadero Freeway displaced their old factory. Tcho is good eating chocolate, but for chocolate chips E. Guittard is the best.
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Response by poster: As a follow up, mission accomplished - and Safeway had them on sale. Score. Thanks, folks!
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