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Are there any really good dating/love/sex sim games?

So I've discovered that I really enjoy those (chiefly Japanese) online games where you have conversations, solve puzzles, romance girls, have clicky-clicky sex. They're probably more fun than they have any business being. (I suppose hentai is the correct term for these?)

But most of the ones I've encountered seem fairly pedestrian/shovelware. Are there any that are really good from an artistic standpoint? story standpoint? Any of them that are particularly innovative or regarded as best-of-genre?

(I'm also a little bit afraid to go too far down this rabbit-hole without guidance, for fear of accidentally viewing something that involves depictions of children, which a cursory glance at the Wikipedia entry for "hentai" makes me very afraid of.)
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The games from Key are reputed to be some of the best. "Clannad" got turned into two 2-cour series with very high ratings, and everything I've read is that the original game was particularly good.
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(I probably should have added that I don't think they've been translated into English.)
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The degree of sexual content varies, but may often include intercourse. Strongly sexual dating sims may fall into the category of H Game or Eroge. Eroge only gets released to PC since large japanese game companies don't want to release games with sexual content on their game consoles.

And I would be careful of what you actually look at. Japanese eroge has a penchant to use underage girls. Animated or not, having that kind of stuff can get you into worlds of trouble.

Hentai, via the internet/english definition, is any japanese/asian animated porn. I think the actual japanese meaning of the word is more akin to: "That's really sick and perverted."
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The proper name for the games is eroge.
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I'm not sure Clannad qualifies as it's more of a visual novel than a game. It does have a fan translation though and, as Chocolate Pickle said, the game is supposed to be really good.
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Not online, but Play-Asia has a selection of Japanese Hentai games in English. Not sure which ones are decent, but it looks like they have fairly thorough descriptions so you can purchase ones without underage depictions.
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J-List has a big section of Dating sims in English.
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There was a game called Dating Ariane that is in English. It was web-based, so may no longer be online.
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