Website with top 50 documentaries of all time?
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About a year or two ago, I saw this great website that provided a list of the top 50 influential documentaries ever made. (Including a video streaming of each documentary with a short written analysis of why it was so influential) Can you please help me find that site again?

The list included a streaming option for each documentary within the website. (I think) There were quite a few European/British documentaries so it might have been a British website, but I might be wrong about it. My google fu is definitely failing me.

The top ten included a documentary about a man on death row. I'm not sure if it was the top 25, top 40 or 50 documentaries of all time, but I don't think it was top 100 as I spent quite a bit of time that night watching most of them. The focus was on why each documentary was so influential in the documentary genre.

Thanks for your help!
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Best answer: This is a good list even if it's not the exact one you're thinking of.
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Best answer: Found this but the site I remember had a black background and different layout.
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Best answer: Top Documentaries

Documentary has a big list, but you have to watch elsewhere.
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Response by poster: Thanks! Those 3 answers are really the best answer beach they each help me out quite a bit. Thanks for making my life easier and helping me create a documentary elective for my students this year. I'll pass on the sites to them! Thanks again!
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Best answer: I picked up this pdf a little while back that I find is a great list of the 200 must see documentaries before you die
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