Products and Advice for Male Beard Coloring
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Misterben has been thinking about dyeing his beard. Could the men of AskMe provide product suggestions, dyeing advice, and any helpful experiences?

It’s gone mostly white, and he’s found that the Just for Men stuff really doesn’t do anything anymore. He’d also rather avoid putting anything really foul-smelling on his face.

His beard was originally reddish-blond, and his head hair (now shaved) was light blond, so he's thinking about a reddish-blond shade for dyeing. The color doesn’t have to be 100% natural-looking, but he’d rather avoid the brassy tones that we're told henna gives white hair.
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My dad decided that this was a good point for him to shave off his beard of 20+ years. It was a really good decision for him (despite his insistence that his jaw is crooked). A dyed beard looks like a dyed beard just like dyed lady head hair looks like dyed lady head hair. If your husband is cool with that, hopefully there will be some good advice downthread, but my vote (and my dad's vote) would be to just get rid of it altogether.
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I agree completely with phunniemee. I plan to get rid of my beard when it starts getting really gray.
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From my experience viewing the daily machinations of a rather ridiculous-looking science teacher (also with reddish blonde hair!), I can tell you that this isn't the greatest idea. He'd dye the hair, it faded and faded and faded and then one day OH HELLO HIS MUSTACHE IS RED AGAIN, and so on. It was way more noticeable than hair dye for the rest of his head would have been (which I believe he also used).

Also, the proportion of dyed hair to not-dyed hair becomes apparent way more quickly, because whiskers are so much shorter than head hair.
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It will never look natural. Never. Ever.
My advice to misterben is to accept what nature hath wrought and either wear the white beard, or shave it. I grew-back my own beard a couple of months ago and discovered that it is now very gray. But, that's ok. That who I am at this point in my life and I see no sense in trying to cover it up.
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I was a beard guy, until it went grey. And now I'm a clean shaven guy. Even without the grey, the beard made me look older.

Might be a good excuse to get him into wet-shaving too. I use an old fashioned 3-piece double edged razor with old fashioned shave soap and and old fashioned shave brush. I've found that using the old tools/techniques, shaving has changed from a chore to a rather pleasant and relaxing morning ritual.
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