Upgrade my EnV touch early?
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My enV Touch has been acting up. It randomly shuts off and I miss messages. Honestly, I don't want Verizon to fix my phone. I want a new one. Do I even have a chance?

I'm big idiot. After my 2 years expired on my LG chocolate. I immediately wanted a new phone. I got a stupid fuckin feature phone and thought it was so cool until the line of Android phones came along. >.> After about 13 months or so, the phone has become a headache. It will shut off if you apply some force to a few pressure points on the screen. But it does this unintentionally all the time in my pocket. It will then immediately restart and I have to wait like 30 seconds for it to become usable again. I'm pretty sure I miss messages since I ask people the next day why they didn't text me back and they say they did. D:

I've had this phone for 15 months and I've been a customer with Verizon for 3 1/2 years. Do I even have a chance to get a new phone from them if I say the right things? I've thought about throwing the threat of "if you don't give me what I want I'm going to cancel my service and get one of those shinny iphones AT&T has" I would never do that, it would simply be a bluff. Hell, if Verizon just gives me the LG ally. Even though its not the greatest, I would be much happier then with this piece of junk I have right now. Otherwise. The droid incredible appeals to me the most since I can load up custom roms and get USB tethering. :D I wouldn't expect them to just give me a free phone. But if I can simply pay the cost of getting a new phone with a 2 year contract. Thats fine by me. :D

What do you think? Any chance? Or am I required to suffer for another 9 months?

Thanks :D
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With your history and the length of time you've had the phone, they'll most likely let you get a Droid Incredible for ~200 with a new contract (or 300 with 100 Mail In Rebate). Give them a call/stop by the store and express interest. Make sure they record you'll phone number and you'll be receiving promotional mailers with offers in no time. Stay away from LG. And Samsung.

I got an Incredible a few weeks ago and its very nice. The new ones come with SLCD screens which require an extra step after rooting to get the clockworkmod screen to show.
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If you hadn't waited 13 months, I'd say you have a very good chance of getting a new replacement phone. As in, a new enV Touch, or whatever model has replaced that if it is not being made anymore. If you haven't dropped the phone, or have any obvious signs of doing so, you're probably going to get a replacement. I don't believe Verizon is really in the habit of repairing phones, especially with weird glitchy, hard to pin down, things.

Your best bet is to go to a Verizon store (not a authorized retailer like best buy or whatever). Go to the store when it'll be the least busy. A weekday morning/afternoon is a good shot. Go be very nice to whomever is there. Best case scenario, they'll hand you a new enV right then and there.

Ask if you can buy a smartphone with a new contract at the subsidized price, or on what date you'll be eligible for the subsidized price. The Droid eris is pretty cheap even without a new contract. You could also check out second hand (ebay) or refurb phones. Buy a data plan upgrade and activate it under your current number.

So, just go talk to them. The last time I was in this situation I was really pleasantly surprised by the service we got at the Verizon store. A new phone was on our doorstep 2 days later, and the old one was mailed back.
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Depending where you live you can also shop around with Verizon stores. I got a Droid that was cranky (kept randomly shutting off) and the first store I went to was unhelpful and even tried to program my husbands new phone with the store phone number on the receipt. The second store was much better and quickly swapped out my phone for me.
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I just went through this with a non-Touch enV -- it was a known issue with the phone. It belonged to my husband, and he blew off getting it fixed until it was out of warranty. They tried a ~45 minute software upgrade in the store, and when that didn't work, they overnighted us a new identical phone for free. I did tell them I was eight and a half months pregnant and on bedrest, though, which may have influenced their decision.

Explain the situation, tell them that what you want is to not have to pay full retail price for a new phone, and ask them if there's any way for that to happen given that this one is obviously buggered.
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Verizon has always been reasonable to us. When we got new phones, we were somewhat short of the time to get the free upgrade, but they charged us some small price ($25 - $50) and gave us the droid for the full deal. Never hurts to try...
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Call Verizon customer service and ask the representative to change your upgrade date.

In my experience, the Verizon store isn't able to do much except replace your phone with the same model. I went out of the store and called customer service from my phone, explaining my situation. The customer service person called someone else to get permission , and I walked back in the store to get a Droid at the new contract subsidized price. I stressed that I would be upgrading my plan to add data and implied that Verizon would be making more money if they just gave me the upgrade instead of waiting.
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