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I cannot find any explanation nor can I reproduce 'Error! Filename not specified.' being displayed in Outlook Web Access as shown to me in an HTML email.

The long and short is that my company sent out a formatted HTML tables message with some images. Unfortunately, one of the directors received the email at home using Outlook Web Access 2003 and all the images in the email had 'Error! Filename not specified.' replacing the <IMG> tags.

All I have found so far is some unrelated things in the MSDN about mailmerge in Word 2003 and numerous listservs where people must have responded to them using Outlook, but no solution or even explanation of the problem.

Screenshot Here.
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What browser? Can you replicate this? Was this email made using mail merge? Do other mail clients display like this?
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Response by poster: IE 8

No replication, I have turned images off / on / yes / no to displaying content delivered by non-HTTPs.

The email was made using our custom emailing tool tied into a custom relational database. We have never had this issue before, and the images were hard-coded. There was no mail-merging of any data fields in the body. We also ran this through a cross-client test called Litmus, which takes screenshots of the email in many different clients (Gmail, Outlook 2000,2003,2007, AOL, etc) and did not have this issue. It seems limited to Outlook Web Access.
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If its only one person, I'd assume a client-side issue. Security zones, content filter, parental controls, ad blocker, AV, network issues, malware, etc. Perhaps try putting the OWA server under safe sites. I guess there could be something off in the html, but considering its a business mail you may not want to post the source for the world to see.

I'd also try disabling URLscan on the OWA server.
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Best answer: Found the solution. The user was viewing it by saying "Yes" to NOT display images coming from a non-HTTPS source. Then forwarding it to the IT team at which point, Outlook Web Access (OWA) was freaking out since the <IMG> tag had a SRC="". At that point OWA threw up the error.
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