How to psych someone up for the marathon?
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NYC Marathon Filter: Non-Cheesy inspiration videos/stories for a soon to be marathoner friend?

My friend is running the marathon next week! She is totally ready and has be training for many months, but recently I've noticed her getting more nervous, which for her is unusual. I want to try and psych her up for the race - any suggestions for videos, stories or other small things i can send her that will get her amped? Lets try and avoid any cheese, if you would be so kind :)
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When I was getting to run my first marathon in June I had a few quotes that I kept in my phone to read whenever I'd get nervous, which was pretty much all the time in the weeks leading up to the race. I thought about them a lot during the race and they were very comforting to me. And I finished! Sadly, I didn't keep the credits on who said them or where they came from:

"I want to overcome my perceived limits and emerge with a self-image of a more confident and capable person."

"The pain- the struggle- the challenge: this is what you came for."

"When the discomfort and fatigue become unbearable I will run because I can."

"You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only choice you have."

"The awful goes away, it's the finishing that stays."
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I have a good friend/coworker who has run marathons several times--the day before each marathon I've given him a "good luck" greeting card that I've written in to simply say something along the lines of "You are so awesome for setting and meeting this goal--I know you can do it--YOU know you can do it--so get out there tomorrow and have a great time!" (or something like that.)
It's cheap---relatively non-cheesy--and very much appreciated every year!
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Get a copy of this book.
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One of the formerly trapped Chilean miners is running! An inspiring story.
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My wife did this about five years ago, and I did mobile support for her, using the subway to meet her for miles 6, 13, 16, 23, and the end. I think the best thing you can do is to help her understand a couple of things. First, the layout is so nice for runners in that it's really well broken down into various legs. She's done the training, so she can think of each section as an easy bite size. For example, the first mile or two is just the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. Before she knows it, she's already knocked off a couple of miles! And then there's Brooklyn, which is still heavily packed with runners, but broken up by going through the Hasidic section, where extras from The Chosen silently encourage you.

By the time she takes her wee jaunt through Queens and over the bridge to Manhattan, she's halfway there. Straight shot over and back into the Bronx, and then she is home free, running by the park. My wife was pretty dead by the end, but told me that there is just so much to see and be distracted by, it was about as great a way to do her first marathon as possible.

Second, the crowds. I've been to a few marathons now, and the crowds at the NYC marathon are incredible. Every part of that race has people stacked five or ten deep yelling for you. If that can't get a runner fired up, well, sorry.

It's a great experience, and if she's done her training, she's in for a real treat. Tell her to break a leg.
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I ran my first marathon (Mount Desert Island) about three weeks ago. I had a blast and am planning on doing another one next year.

Three things really helped: First, I looked at it as an adventure, rather than as a trial. Second, I set three goals for myself - a high goal, an average goal, and a low goal, so I never felt as if I was failing. And third and most importantly, my family was there with signs and silly hats. Even if you can't be there, maybe you could send a sign to someone who will be there? Or could you surprise her by being there? Or just ask her to call you or text you with her results - it's nice knowing that someone is interested in how you fared.

Good luck to your friend!
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