Best way to get a 2009 tax return copy fast?
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I need a copy of my 2009 federal tax return. Fast. What's the easiest, cheapest & most secure way to do this online? I have completely forgotton what service I used to file with back in March (it was a rough year & my mind was very scattered...).
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If you filed online, the service you used probably sent you a confirmation. Can you look back through your March emails to identify the service and go from there?
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When you say service, do you mean a self-service product like TaxCutPro or TurboTax? Have you done a search of your email for confirmations, registration confirmations or anything like that?
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I suppose two weeks isn't fast enough for you?
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If you can't find the old email confirmation, perhaps look at the old bank records of the card you used to pay for the service for the company name?
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I don't have any of that - no email confirmations, no records. And two weeks is too long.
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Hit up the major online services with the "forgot password" schtick.
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This place claims to be able to get copies of tax records in one or two days.
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You can visit your local IRS office and ask for a tax return transcript for whatever year you need. It has all of the data that you reported on your tax returns. As far as I know, copies are free.
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This link has addresses of IRS offices in your area.
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(sorry, I missed the online caveat)
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