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The online community is awesome in every area that I search except I am having an awfully hard time finding fun and interactive online multiplayer games. Can anyone help?

So far, I like subspace/continuum and isketch. Please post anything else that you think might fit this description. Linux compatible would be a plus.
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Best answer: Weboggle (online Boggle).
Psychobabble (timed magnetic poetry sentence formation).
Strike a Match (matching word cards).
TetriNET (multiplayer Tetris).
Acrophobia (on Uproar, which is sort of ugh, or play it on IRC).
Literati (online Scrabble).
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Literati isn't Scrabble (among other reasons: different board layout, random letter distribution, wildly different scoring, different dictionary), but the Internet Scrabble Club is. Admittedly, if you're not a big Scrabble fan, it's probably not an important distinction.
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If you want to give a RPG a try, check out, home of TerraWorld Online. Be warned that it's not a game for the impatient, and it will suck massive amounts of freetime away.
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If you don't mind a little cost, try Puzzle Pirates. They've got a free trial.
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I have to say thanks for this thread! I have tried so many game sites and just end up inundated with spam.
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