How to replace my landline for 4 cell users?
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Require a replacement for my landline and the 30 bucks a month that it costs me as I now have 4 cell phones in the house. Require a telephone device that (a) rings on more than one handset (b) has access to cheap long distance (c) good quality and dependable. I realize Google Voice does a lot of this, but I'm in Canada and we don't have Google Voice available here yet or any indication of how soon it could be arriving. Is all of this possible without a landline? What services can you recommend to get me closer to my goal?
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We (in the US) use Vonage and I think (a) and (b) are possible. For (a) I bought a multi-handset cordless phone. Only the base station needs to be plugged into the jack, so that one is plugged into the router.

However, (c) is iffy. At least, our call quality has been bad lately and I don't know why. It could be anything from our own networking equipment to their service, and I have been too lazy to troubleshoot it.
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My parents have a base station for their cell phones that does all of that. They have 3 or 4 handsets, a signal booster and no additional cost over their cell plans. Phone quality is better than with their old landline. I think they got it at Costco.
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Oh and different cell phones and callers have different ringtones. It's pretty slick.
posted by fshgrl at 11:18 AM on November 1, 2010 is selling something today that might be perfect for you. It's a VOIP hub, gives you a normal phone number the only monthly fee is for any applicable taxes in your locality. I'm not sure how it works for Canada but it looks pretty appealing for those who still want/need a landline.
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I'd suggest taking a look at an Xlink Bluetooth Cellular Gateway. It just routes your regular/land phones through your cell, and will work with up to three different cell phones. Pretty slick.
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We use a VOIP here in Quebec and it's fantastic. Cheap rates to the States (I call home to the South regularly). This is probably exactly what you're looking for.
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We have this little guy. With shipping, it was like $75 USD. It plugs into your router, and a wall outlet, where it uses roughly as much juice as a cell phone charger. We use it with a cordless phone that has multiple handsets. (Our particular phone supports four handsets.)

First year of service is included in the purchase price, and after that, service costs $30 per year. We used to have a magic jack, and we like this better. It costs a little more, but the fact that you don't have to have the computer on all the time saves so much electricity that it is the more economical option.
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I got 2 of the NetTalk Duo devices on a 1/2 price sale and it's awesome. The cost is $30 a year after the first year, which includes free long distance anywhere in Canada and the United States, voice mail, three way calling, and call waiting. The device uses 2.2 watts when not used, 3.8 watts when in use, or 0 watts when off. I turn mine off each night with the modem, and turn it back on each morning.

I used to use magicjack, but NetTalk is better because it plugs into your broadband modem and you don't need a computer. So far the voice quality is better than the magicjack, which was better than verizon. I will be so happy to cancel the landline. For anyone interested, there is a 2 for 1 Link-o- Rama sale today when ordering 2, which ends at midnight. Enter coupon code BLACKFRIDUO at checkout. The regular price is very good too.
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