Help me follow election returns on the go.
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Please recommend a good iPhone app or mobile-optimized website for following U.S. election returns on Tuesday night -- not just the outcome of races, but the returns of individual races as they come in.

I'm a politics junkie, but I'm going to be out and about on Tuesday night until about 10:30 p.m. Rather than wait until I get home, I want to follow the results as they come in. Is there a good app or mobile-optimized website that will let me look at all the House, Senate, and gubernatorial returns around the country?
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Please note -- I did see a similar question below, but this one is slightly different, focusing on mobile usage.
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Google has a mobile-optimized site that claims to help "find your polling place and follow election news". When I used it today, all it gave me was a google-map to the polling place and a link to google-news based on the search term "elections". Not sure if they will make it a little more relevant tomorrow with current results.
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Thanks JJ. There must be something good out there; surely someone knows?
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NYTimes says "will keep you up-to-date with articles and blog posts, as well as live election results, including maps, for all Senate, House and gubernatorial races."
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Thanks Ekroh. Actually, is what I wound up using. Their site worked fine for mobility purposes.
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