How to watch election results without a TV?
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How can I watch election results without a TV? I dropped my cable subscription about 6 months ago, and haven't missed it... until now. How can I watch the election results roll in tomorrow night? I have broadband internet, so live streaming video would be ideal. Do you know if anyone is planning on providing a stream?
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Any reason why you can't check out local TV?

My local news stations go nuts tomorrow. Constant tickers running at the bottom or even reducing the size of the live stream and posting details all around the picture.
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Also, you might want to contact whatever party you support--they often organize election results parties at local bars. It's a nice environment--everyone is happy if you win, everyone is sad if you lose.
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The BBC often make the stream of their BBC News 24 accessible worldwide for special events like elections. Their coverage starts tomorrow at 11pm GMT. Check the BBC News website then for the link.
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Sorry, should have mentioned that I don't own a TV... I have a LCD projector I use with my laptop as an HTPC setup.

Thanks for the tip about BBC, hopefully they'll make that stream available.
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AP: Broadcasters busy with online tie-ins for election

ABC, CBS and PBS will each stream part of their election-night coverage on the Web on Tuesday, and NBC and ABC plan six hours of results lasting into early Wednesday morning. The networks will involve some of the biggest and most popular websites — Google, Facebook, YouTube and Yahoo! — in delivering their versions of the news.
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You local tv station's web site should have a streaming video - all three in my area does, as does my local PBS outlet. CNN will also be streaming it; two years ago I watched the national results on MSNBC's site because it had better performance.
And seconding royalsong's suggestion - assuming you have a tv that can get digital signals?
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Thanks everybody -- I knew you'd come through on this!

It looks like I will have plenty of live content to watch -- now I just have to worry about the results themselves. Sigh.
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Last election I volunteered to work the computers at the local public television station. All they're doing to "watch the results roll in" is mashing reload on the various jurisdiction's web sites. If you want "real-time" results that badly, mash reload yourself.

(and if enough of us do this, then maybe we can get 'em to use some sort of push mechanism, or at least RSS, to announce election results.)
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CSPAN has a live feed. Their midterm election coverage starts at 4:00 Eastern.
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