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What is the best GRE study software compatible with Windows Vista?

My wife is studying for the GRE and I figured there might be some helpful software out there to help her. Is there anything out that is compatible with Windows Vista? I find links and downloads to old software, but nothing compatible with Vista besides vocabulary builders. Any advice would be useful.
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When I took the GRE last year the official and free Powerprep software seemed to provide a pretty good practice-GRE. They claim it'll run on Vista.
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Best answer:

Also, creating a set of word part flash cards (online or off) should help immensely.
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Check out Anki for intelligent flashcards.

Background on Anki and the SM2 algorithm.
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Response by poster: "Princeton Review Cracking the GRE" $20 at Barnes and Noble was a fine investment. Provided access to all of the online content too. Seems to me that book could have used some additional editing, but was otherwise the best of the bunch. Perhaps editing suffers in a recession like everything else. Thanks for the posts!
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