How to VIVO or something?
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I've got some old VIVO Active video files from several years back when I was playing around with various forms of encoding... I'd really like to be able to play these. Supposedly Mplayer can, but I haven't had any luck getting it to work... can you help me play these videos?

I'm running Mac OS X 10.5.8 on a Macbook Pro.
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Per the Wikipedia Article, RealPlayer should play it. Get it from here. If that doesn't work, check the other players there too
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I'm fairly sure that VLC will handle it.
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RealPlayer won't open the file, and with VLC I get the following error:
ffmpeg: Seeking too far : EOF?
ffmpeg: av_open_input_stream failed
ps: cannot peek
main: no suitable demux module

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Yeah, VLC really doesn't like anything with excessively long keyframe intervals (such as VivoActive, which doesn't have any keyframes at all apart from one at the beginning), which looks to be part of the problem. Also, I didn't think it or FFmpeg had a demuxer for .viv files which, IIRC, are a bastardised MPEG container (it's not originally a RealPlayer format, and is useless for RealPlayer's main target of streaming video since without keyframes you can't pick up in the middle of the stream or handle dropped packets cleanly), and that looks to be a second part of the problem.

IIRC, RealPlayer dropped support for VivoActive when they went to the Helix engine.

The third part of the problem may be the particular H263 codec used - looks like anything encoded using XAnim's codec isn't supported in Mplayer (scroll down to "Not yet supported codecs"). It may work if you install the libraries mentioned here, but I don't know if they're the right codecs, if the unsupported codecs list accounts for 3rd-party codecs like that, or if they'll even work with Mplayer OS X Extended.

Easiest way is probably to try and dig up an old pre-Helix (< V11) version of RealPlayer for OS X and see if that works…
posted by Pinback at 1:52 AM on November 1, 2010 might do it for you.
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