Where to buy baking supplies cheaply online?
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Cheap, good places to buy baking supplies online? I like to bake and am looking for good places to buy baking supplies online, preferably at a discount. Some things I'm looking for: Dutch-processed/alkalized cocoa powder, cake flour, unsweetened chocolate, 60% cacao dark chocolate.
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Surfas is excellent, but I wouldn't call them cheap. King Arthur Flour is priced more to the home baker, as opposed to the pro.
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Where in the world are you located?
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Penzey's for spices. I don't bake or cook [much], so I can't tell you if their prices are good. But they have a good reputation.
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Dude. You need to tell us where you live. How can anyone be expected to answer this question without knowing that?
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Response by poster: Hawaii.
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I just had this thinking outside of the box idea. Would it be possible for you to find a local bakery that would be willing to sell you some ingredients at their cost or at a small profit? They might be buying high quality ingredients in bulk (at least the common ones like cake flour). At the very least, it can't hurt to ask.
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Can you find at least some of the things you need on Amazon.com? Their grocery selection is decent, and many things are cheaper than in a regular store due to bulk packaging (think 6 normal sized items packaged together, not one giant Costco-sized item). If you choose the "Subscribe" option you receive a 15% discount and free shipping, and then things arrive on a regular schedule.
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If you're on Oahu, I've found that the new fancy Foodland in Aina Haina has a pretty decent selection of the stuff you're looking for (far better than the R. Fields at the Foodland on Beretania and far cheaper than Whole Foods). They also tend to have specials on their "good" stuff unlike other stores; a couple weeks back I bought some Guittard unsweetened chocolate for like $5 off the regular per pound price.

You might also check out Y Hata -- a restaurant supply store -- over on Sand Island Access Road. Last time I was there I remember remarking that their cake flour was a really good deal.

If you're on a neighbor island and have to order stuff online, I've used igourmet before but their prices are quite high. Good luck!
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