I got ripped off by an authorized agent of AT&T.
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Any suggestions on what I can do if I have a complaint on an authorized agent of AT&T Wireless?

I went there, they charged me $30 for a sim card and didn't fix my phone. I ended up spending hours on the phone with both AT&T and Apple and then hours and then an hour at a real AT&T store.

Any suggestions?
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Did you pay by credit card? If yes, call your credit card company and initiated a charge back.
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Initiating a charge back on AT&T is only going to cause you more hassles later- the credit card company canceled the charge, and AT&T sent a collection agency after me. Unless you can get AT&T to agree with you, you're stuck with the bill.
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meant to say, "-when I initiated a chargeback, the credit card company..."
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I would personally kiss the $30 goodbye, whatever amount of time it would take you to recover the $30 will not be worth it from a time/money/aggravation standpoint.

Instead, I would type up a nice complaint for the BBB, Yelp, and whatever else I could find. Save someone else $30.
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Those resellers (especially the mall kiosks) are just AWFUL, and everyone at AT&T Wireless knows it. (Not that I am at liberty to say such things, as a former employee.)

You can try talking to the manager of the reseller store. And then talk to their manager. And so forth. Keep going up the chain of command until you get someone who's willing to give you your $30 back.

When you file complaints - like with the BBB - be sure you're filing them against that specific reseller store. (Not against AT&T Wireless as a whole.)
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Response by poster: Yes, I know the agents are horrible. It's actually my friend who went, and we share the same account.

I went to a corporate store to get the problem fixed, and when I told them the agent charged me $30 for a sim card, they laughed.
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