I love the anecdote, but I need proof!
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Looking for a news article I read about Isreal and Egypt meeting at the State Department, and not saying anything until they agreed on how bad American coffee is. But now I can't find it!

I'm sure the Green can handle this for me. Anyone remember this? Anyone have a link? It was definitely within the past couple years...
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This anecdote, regarding peace talks between Israel and Jordan and their mutual distaste for American coffee, was recounted in a letter to The Economist. (Scroll down for "A friendly brew".)
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Mod note: Final update from the OP:
I found the original article I had read and was remembering when I posted this question:

Arabs and Israelis Renew Talks Quarreling Over the Shape of the Furniture

"While they spoke, the other members of their delegations avoided one another, until the State Department brought in some coffee. Israel's Ambassador, Mr. Shoval, offered a cup to one of the Palestinian delegates and said: "I think there is one thing we can agree on: the coffee is terrible." After that the ice was broken and the various delegates mingled in the corridor."
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