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2010 Philadelphia voting guide besides the Inquirer's? Bonus points if you live in Philly and have personal voting suggestions & supportive reasoning.

There's so much info out here and it's almost impossible to see all the relevant information about a candidate. For instance, if there is a candidate who has been hinting at expanding the power of the PPA, I would certainly consider voting a different way. I'm not even certain if there are city council races or levys. I thought a voter's guide would be mailed, but I don't have one. I'd rather not wait until Tuesday to decide who to vote for. The Philly Inquirer's guide is jumbled, confusing and not helpful to me. Philly mefites - who are you voting for?
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theballot.org is a site for user-created/uploaded voter guides, mostly from progressive organizations/candidates. Here's their list of PA voter guides.
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The League of Women Voters has a guide for most elections.
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The Committee of Seventy is a Philly-based non profit that puts out nonpartisan election guides. Here's their 2010 Election page.
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