How to paint a 6' latex balloon to look like a jack-o-lantern?
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I need to paint on a 6' ballon today (making Jack-o-lanterns for a party). What sort of paint should I use? Any helpful hints? These are going in a pool so the more waterproof, the better.
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I'd use spray paint and free hand hold some stencils (eye shape and tooth shape and corner of mouth) Hold the can far back from the surface and just do a light dusting.
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No matter what you do, some of the paint is going to flake off. Putting it into a pool is probably not a good idea, because that's where the flaked paint will end up.
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Response by poster: I thought of spray paint but was worried it would dissolve/ pop the latex.

My boss sold these for a pool, so they are going in a pool. I am weighting them with LED pads and fishing weights, so they should be somewhat fixed.
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I'd suggest one of those overly large sharpie pens (or permanent marker pens) before you inflate them (if you're doing this on orange colored balloons). After inflation, spray paint and stencils would work but I don't know anything guaranteed as waterproof when sprayed on latex.

They only have to pass at a distance so don't go too crazy.
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Sharpie ink will stay on. Paint will flake off.
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My two year old is obsessed with balloons (BOOONS!) and loves to have me draw faces on them. He then totes them everywhere including the bathtub.

I use a regular old Sharpie marker after they've been blown up. Once the ink has dried (30 seconds) it doesn't come off.
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Response by poster: I ended up taking the Sharpie advice on the smaller (3') balloons and a window painting stick from the children's art supplies section of my grocer for the larger (6') ones. It turned out that they (the balloons) were different materials.

No paint or sharpie was lost. However, on an unrelated note, let it be noted that I was unable to inflate 6' balloons to more than 4.5' before they burst. At twenty bucks each, I figured that was info someone could use!
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