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Scariest X-Files episodes?

I borrowed my friend's complete collection of X-Files episodes on DVD and would like to just watch the best (scariest) ones for Halloween weekend. Trouble is, I can't remember which ones they were. It's been a while since I've seen the show so any suggestions would be very grateful.
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Having never seen any episodes I can't make any personal recommendations, but were I to come across a box set of the whole series I'd definitely set to reading MeFi's own cortex' Mulder's Big Adventure. (possessive much?)
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I second Home. No contest.
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(That would be season 4 episode 2. Freaked me the hell out.)
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Yeah, I was coming in to say Home too. It turned me right off the Sheryl Crow song Home, which has no relation to the episode bar the title, but I still cannot listen to it without it reminding me of that episode.
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Both episodes with Eugene Tooms ("Squeeze" and "Tooms"). I think I checked every duct, oven, toilet, closet, cabinet, etc. in my house after seeing the first one.
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Home is terrifying.

I was also freaked out by Aubrey (in season 3), Deadalive (season 8, mostly for a particular sound effect), and Leonard Betts (season 4), all to a lesser extent than Home.
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I was also coming to say Home. You will never be able to listen to Johnny Mathis again.
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Seconding the episodes with Tooms. Horrifying.
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I'm gonna have to agree with everyone else here. I still remember watching that episode, and not just because I had a Finnish exchange student sitting in my lap.
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Oh, and definitely The Host, featuring the Flukeman! Season 2, episode 2.
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Also, Irresistible. The one with the mortuary worker who collects fingernails...
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I gotta recommend "Humbug" for Halloween viewing. My favorite episode ever. Not exactly scariest, just...freaky :).
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Squeeze and Home.

And Holy Mother of God "Darkness Falls"; though that may only be scary to people who've spent time (walking) days away from civilization in the BC woods.
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Seconding Home and the Tooms episodes. But also want to add Død Kalm, the episode with the boat that ages people. That ep was simply... freaky.
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Seconding Squeeze.
The episode co-authored by Stephen King was "Chinga" in season 5, and was pretty creepy.
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Home and The Host, for sure.
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Two not already mentioned: Die Hand Die Verletzt (2.14) is early Monster of the Week at the top of its game, and Millennium (7.04) is some solid, scary zombie fun.
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Die Hand Die Verletzt and Home were the freakiest for me.
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Oh yeah, definitely Die Hand Die Verletzt.
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Home, followed by Detour (season 5) -- survivors of DeSoto's search for the fountain of youth with glowing eyes!
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Ice. It's a total rip-off of The Thing, but it's very well done.
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Home. And also that one with the evil doll. Let's play with the hammer!
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(Oh, the one with the doll was apparently Chinga.)
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I came in to tell you a little about Eugene Tooms (*shudder*), but I'm happy to see that he creeped the hell out of so many other people, too!
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Like everyone else (apparently), "Home" is the one episode that has stayed with me for the 14 years since it aired.
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"Detour" is pretty good. For a David Lynch-vibe, check out "Beyond the Sea" from season one. There is a death scene from this one episode called "Schizogeny" that was unsettling (the rest was not too scary, though).

And I admit that the butt genie in "Badlaa" freaked me out. For the most part, the creepiest episodes are in seasons 1-4, maybe 5. Everything else after that is garbage.
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Home. I saw it while on a band trip--there seemed to be a fan of the show in every hotel room, so we all ended up watching it. It's all we were talking about the next morning.

I'm not even sure where we were that year, if it was Tennessee or Disney World. All I remember is that episode.
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I though Unruhe was both pretty scary and an awfully well-constructed high-tension thriller. Forced icepick lobotomies. *shudder*
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Home and seconding Unruhe - a friend and I watched Unruhe and now, years later, still freak each other out by pretending we're going to stick something sharp in each other's eye and muttering about Howlers. (I'm sure we're not funny to anyone else, but the ep is good .)
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I second Ice in terms of squeamishness, very much like the worms from Wrath of Khan. Blech.
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No one else though Firewalker was worthy of mention?

There's also a later season episode that creeped me out wherein a man is seeing large bugs in the shadows (Folie a Deux) .
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It's not a scary episode, but my all-time favourite instalment of The X-Files was Bad Blood.
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Seconding "Folie a Deux," that scared the absolute bejesus out of me.

You HAVE to watch at least ONE episode with Donny Pfaster, come on.. Try "Irresistible" (and "Orison"). Epicly creepy.

If you want something scary but pretty hilarious, I liked "Arcadia."

"The Host," "Chinga" and "Squeeze" are some ones that stuck with me. And yes, "Humbug!" For some reason I distinctly remember those crawling-perspective scenes.
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I'd go with a "Beyond the Sea," "Bad Blood," and "Home" kind of night--- Brad Dourif as Luther Lee Boggs is incredible. Lighten the mood with some serious Mulder-Scully back-and-forth bickering, and bring it home with the most disturbing episode in X-Files history.
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I think my vote goes to "Sanginarium," which features plastic surgery gone horribly awry.
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Awesome guys! Thanks for all the suggestions.
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As someone who hates roaches, I'd add "War of the Coprophages." But that's more something on the lighter side, which it might've been the best of on that level.

I'll have to watch "Home" again sometime. I don't remember it being scary as much as it was creepy. One trivia note: It was so disturbing that Fox never aired it in repeats.
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Humbug. just for that great last line.....
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Not mentioned yet - Elegy. The ghost behind the bowling machine! Terrifying. Also: The Calusari - evil ghost twin horror!!
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