DP history in Austria
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Where can I find Holocaust- or post-Holocaust related sites in the Vienna area?

I am traveling to Austria for a few days and am interested in learning more about the Holocaust in Austria. I'm especially interested in anything where I could learn about the Displaced Persons (DP) camps--my father was born in one in Austria. I'd love to visit a DP camp if possible.

Any tips? Googling hasn't found me much--I don't speak German.
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Do you know which camp? This page has links to several sites on DP camps in Austria.
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I see you're in NYC. Drop by The Museum of Jewish Heritage (or call, I guess) and speak to someone in the Education department. I worked there for a few years - great people and I'm sure they can help you.
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I know nothing about DP camps, but I think the only concentration camp in Austria was Mauthausen. You can visit it - it's reasonably well preserved, and there are a number of memorials, a museum, etc.
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There's a Jewish museum in Vienna. They might be able to give you useful information. If you're interesetd in Holocaust-related sites in general, then the Holocaust Memorial on the Judenplatz is well worth visiting.
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