Display Flickr thumbnails in a large grid
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I'm looking for a tool to display Flickr thumbnails in a large grid

I'm working on a photo-of-the-day set this year, and as we near the end of 2010, I'm looking for a good way to display all the thumbnails in a large grid. Flickr does this by default on the "set view" page, but it divides it up into 20 pages and only displays 6 across. I'm looking for a much larger grid. Are there any tools that can either do it for me, or provide the code for me to embed elsewhere?

A site called Flickrin looks like it did something similar, but it's no longer around. Bummer.
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You might be able to get some help from the person behind http://fffflckr.com/ - that seems similar to what you're describing.
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Would this Greasemonkey script help?
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You might want to check Flick Flash in the Flickr App Garden. It looks like it'll let you create big grids of photos.

You can also try searching your photostream for a tag / keyword included in all of your 365 photos, then setting the rest view to thumbnails. (hope that link to your photos is helpful, not trying to be creepy...)
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Flick Flash is the closest to what I'm looking for - A large grid of thumbnails with no padding, all linking to the larger images. But I can't seem to make it display a set, and I can't view more than 104 anyhow. Anyone know of anything similar? Thanks!
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Maybe Cooliris can be configured to do this?
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Seems that Flick Flash is just based on search, so you could add a unique tag (your flickr name + 365 + 2010 or something) to all of the photos you want to display. You can do that in Organizr. Then search for that tag using Flick Flash.

Cooliris is a good suggestion, too.
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Thanks for all the help - sadly, none of these are quite what I was hoping to find. I'll probably be making something manually copy and pasting the html from flickr directly. Thanks though!
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