Wanted: Podcast Recommendations
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I want to listen to some Podcasts on my way to work. Any recommendations of a good site that has a listings of various shows would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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KCRW has podcasts of most of its shows. Le Show is pretty good as is Left Right and Center.
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Do you use a podcast client (aggregator)? Some can display a directory of podcasts either by category or by popularity.

At any rate, you can find show listings here and here.

Me? I listen to the "Al Franken Show", "So What Else is News" and "Ring of Fire" from Air America Radio. Also, KCRW's "Left Right & Center." For my science needs, I check out "Slacker Astronomy".
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The program you use/choose (iPodder for example) has some of the more popular programs already there for easy subscribing (usually). IMHO, most of the best stuff is underground, and therefore unlinkable.
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In a geeky-vein, I just discovered IT Conversations, which seems to collected speeches, interviews, and radio shows with some web/tech luminaries. I'm new to this whole Podcasting thing, though, so I can't really vouche for the goodness of this resource...
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terrapin, would you care to share recommendations of these underground podcasts? The iPodderX and iPodder directories are clogged with alot of Godcasts and duplicate listings. I'd love to hear some of this underground stuff you mention. (Email is in my profile. I couldn't figure out what to do with the +mefi in yours.)
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Also, Maishe, check out the External Links section at the bottom of the Wikipedia page for Podcasting to find more podcast directories.
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Also, Pocast Alley. Pretty much everything on the Top Ten list is worth listening to. Reel Reviews is excellent.
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I've gotten a few good recommendations from the New, New Podcast Review.

I also second Podcast Alley.
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