text edit replaces ... with three smaller dots. how do I stop this?
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text edit replaces ... with three smaller dots. how do I stop this?

I'm already working in plain text and I've already unchecked 'correct spelling automatically,' 'smart copy/quotes' and 'smart dashes,' even unchecking 'correct spelling as you type' doesn't stop text edit from "correcting" my three dots into a minuscule version of them. I just want this darn program to work like simple text did. nothing fancy at all, no changes, just typing.

anyone know how I can make it do that?
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Interesting... I've been annoyed by this too, but never worked up the energy to figure it out. But now I think I've got it.

First I went into Preferences and unchecked "Text replacement" under Options. But that didn't do anything. Then I went to the Edit Menu --> Substitutions, and saw that "Text replacement" still had a check next to it there for some reason, so I unchecked it in the menu as well. And that seemed to fix the problem, even when I opened a new document and quit/restarted TextEdit.
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Assuming you're using Word 2007, this is how I found it.

Left click on that big button in the upper left hand corner. Click "Word Options" at the bottom. Go to Proofing, click "Autocorrect Options..."

You should see in the "Replace text as you type" area the big ellipsis to little ellipsis replacement. Delete it.
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In my version of TextEdit, if I have the plain text radio button checked and the text replacement check box unchecked, three periods stay like three periods. If I recall correctly, text edit has these settings on a per-document basis, so if you started a document one way, you may need to open a new document to see these effects. I've confirmed that having these settings operational and opening a new document will let you do what you want.
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Oh, when you were saying "text edit", I thought you were emphasizing you had saved the file as a text file.
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I've found that hitting ctrl-Z just after you notice the change (like "corrected" capitalization) undoes the replace, at least in Word 2003.
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(Forgot to add -- my solution worked in Rich Text mode, but I didn't try it in Plain Text mode.)
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System Preferences -> Language and Text -> Text -> Uncheck "..."
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(as an aside, the three dots are being replaced with an ellipsis)
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