Need a good lawyer in Nashville
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Can you recommend a good criminal defense lawyer in Nashville?

My mother who lives in Nashville called me this morning and told me her rental property, which she leased out in August, was raided by the police and they found a ton of stolen items and a meth lab. I have told her to consult an attorney as she may be prosecuted as she was the owner of the property. This seems unlikely as she is a sweet little old lady type but she still needs to talk to a lawyer. She also needs advice on how to deal with the minefield of getting the meth lab cleaned up and the legal issues there. I am in Baltimore so I need some Middle TN Mefi's to help. The house is in Rutherford county so lawyers in Murfreesboro and surrounding towns are great too.
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Best answer: Call the Rutherford Cannon County Bar Association and ask for a referral.
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Try emailing . It's a list-serv for the TN Bar Association. I expect you'll get a reply within minutes.
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