thin camera with AA batteries
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Looking for one of the thinnest, smallest digital cameras that uses AA batteries. Thanks!
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AA batteries are disappearing fast from the better small cameras. Panasonic still makes a few like this one. AA batteries still have some advantages, such as being almost universally available. Also, I like to keep a camera in my car for found photo ops and alkaline batteries stay alive while the camera is sitting unused much longer than rechargeable batteries, especially when kept outside of the camera.
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why do you need the AA batteries at all? digital cameras are notoriously bad on battery life, so I'd recommend one with a rechargeable. Canon, Panasonic, Sony, etc. all make great entry level priced digital cameras for around $100-$130 with rechargeable batteries.

And, AA battery power source will automatically kick up the size of the camera housing anyway. If you want slim, you need a rechargeable battery.
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