Annotated classics in ebook format?
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I really love the Power Moby Dick site, which gives very helpful annotations and puts obscure words and expressions into a modern context. Where can I find more of this for other classics? And most importantly, I want to find formats that can be downloaded and viewed on my Nook e-reader.

The Moby Dick site has no e-book version I could use--I downloaded the first chapter but it looks pretty terrible on the Nook; the margins and tabbing seems to be a challenge for it.

Any really good annotated classics out there? Downloadable epubs and the like most especially welcome.
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Don't know about Nook versions, but:

Assuming Thomas Pynchon is classic, there's a site with wikis for all seven of his novels. (For books still in copyright like these, you won't find text with links, so you need to buy the book for it to make sense.)


David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest wiki.

James Joyce's Finnegans Wake wiki. (Hyperlinked text in this case.)

The Diary of Samuel Pepys. (In ongoing blog format)

Shakespeare (not as thoroughly developed as the above)

William Gaddis novels annotated.

TS Elliot's The Waste Land annotated.
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A bit off-topic, but you might find Calibre a useful piece of software for formatting things for the nook that are not in epub format currently.
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Conrad's Nostromo annotated.
Milton's Paradise Lost annotated.
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Shakespeare's Plays with integrated glossary.
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Oh, I just had to favorite you all. That Shakespeare site is amazing, looks like everything he wrote is annotated. Will be a challenge for ereaders, though. I'll check on making my own epub files.
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It's not in ebook format, but could something like this be what you're looking for? I just googled "Literary Encyclopedia" and chose one of the first ones. You could likely easily find more.

Literary Enyclopedia.
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