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I registered to vote in California at the DMV when I renewed my driver's license in July. Now, the county clerk's office is saying that they don't have a record of my registration. Is there anything I can do?
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I guess you should tell us what kind of paperwork you might have? Any evidence?
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None at all. When I filled out my license renewal, there was a voter registration form in the packet they gave me. I filled it out, and gave it all back to them. I have some receipts that confirm that I renewed my license, but none of them mention the voter registration (not that I'd particularly expect them to).
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It's officially too late to register to vote for this election. If you show up at your polling place you can cast a provisional ballot but it's likely that it will not be counted. The only thing I can think of is: register to vote today, cast a ballot on Tuesday, and hope that your registration gets processed before they process the provisional ballots.
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When you register to vote via that paper way, there's a little tab you tear off. It has a number on it. From that number, they can find out where you received the application from, and the dates that other applications from that batch were processed.

Where is that tab?
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My friend just found the same exact problem, it seems like a common problem this year. You could perhaps do early voting at your old location or submit a provisional ballot (not likely to be counted)
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The same thing happened to me in Alaska- registered, time went by and no card, registered at another location, received card. There was no tab on the DMV form.

I would call your local electiokns office and see if there's anything they can do before Tuesday. In most states you can only register and vote on the same day for Presidential elections, and even then it's provisional.
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Yeah, as far as I know there wasn't a tab on the form. My old location was in Maryland, so I can't really go there. I sent in another voter registration form today, after all this happened, and I'll cast a provisional ballot on Tuesday, fingers crossed.
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If you show up at your polling place you can cast a provisional ballot but it's likely that it will not be counted.

Strictly speaking, true, since elections are usually decided by larger majorities than the number of provisional, or even absentee, ballots cast (hence, they're not counted--remember that when you hear that such-and-such election was decided by a such-and-such majority.) But that shouldn't deter you from casting a provisional ballot.
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