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There's a certain kind of comic infographic that consists of a large, detailed drawing with tiny info-boxes about small details. Is there a name for this kind of graphic? Where can I find examples of it?

I've seen a lot of these going around online recently, but now that I need to explain them to someone, I'm having trouble finding good examples. This Chris Ware illustration is kind of an example of what I'm talking about, but I know there are better ones. MAD used to do two-page spreads like this, but I've seen it used in less humorous contexts too.

They strike me as a good way to convey a lot of information in a nonthreatening, humorous way. They'll sometimes have smaller, inset drawings to explain certain ideas more thoroughly. What's cool about these graphics is that you can see the big picture and intuitively know which part you want to focus in on for the information you're looking for.

Is there a name for this kind of drawing? Cartoonists/designers who specialize in it? Websites devoted to it?

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For infographics in general, I like FlowingData and Cool Infographics. You might be able to find something there, although both of them are a little more focused on infographics in general and not the specific type for which you're looking.
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This post refers to them as cutaway diagrams.
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I've only ever known those illustrations known as cutaway diagrams too. Here's a Mefi post from last year which has a bunch of them too.
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Stephen Biesty has done whole books of this kind of illustration (tipped more toward informative than humorous). I used to spend hours on end just squinting at them.
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From the wording of your question it sounds more like you're talking about this sort of thing (also Chris Ware) rather than just the cutaway aspect that people are picking up on... is that right?
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