chicago - need keytar for costume
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i need a real/fake keytar/shoulder synth for a halloween costume party on saturday night. the cheapest one i can find is at guitar center for $1200. that's about $1150 over my budget. anyone have any ideas? already checked craiglist for chicagoland, which is where i am located.
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maybe a melodica? use the mouthpiece to hold a strap, maybe?
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You could just check craigslist for a cheap little Casio or Yamaha keyboard, and then attach a strap and fake keytar-neck yourself (say, black cardboard).
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Rock Band 3 keyboard

They had them at our neighborhood GameStop.
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Could you get one of the Rock Band 3 keytar controllers?
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The Rock Band 3 keyboard has a short neck and a keytar strap.
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the kids i hung out with always attached a strap to a cheap casio.
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how fake are you willing to go? You can cut a keytar shape out of cardboard or foam core board, paint the keys (and/or stick on cut-out key shapes for a more 3d effect), and attach a strap.
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Rock Band 3 keyboard

Seconded. Probably has pretty good resale value on CL or ebay; might even be able to return it the next day.
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the rock band keytar looks good! i think i might just get and try to return in a few days. thanks for the input.
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Try thrift stores as well. They often have keytars and the like in the toys section, at least in my experience.
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Get a $7 keyboard from Big Lots or the dollar store, affix some crap as a handle and add a strap.
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