How to retrieve copied data
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I copied a slab of text to add to an email but before I pasted it I then copied the intended email address. Is there someway to retrieve the text ? Or is it lost forever??

I blocked the text (from gmail), right clicked, copied. Then I went into contacts and stupidly blockcopied an email address before pasting the text into a new blank email. XP o/s and gmail via IE. So is there any way I can summon up the text that took me more than an hour to write???
(I'll go out for a short walk to sidestep any further copying desires)
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I know this may seem silly, but have you tried using your back button? Sometimes that works with gmail, sometimes it doesn't.
posted by jacquilynne at 7:24 AM on March 30, 2005

I think you're probably ass out this time, but you might find this clipboard history remembering utility useful to have around from now on.
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Ctrl-Z (undo) might do something.
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Response by poster: jacquilynne (I typed out your name !) ... It's not silly. Yes I did. It was gone.
I wish gmail would let us open 2 windows at once as does hotmail. *sigh*

On preview...Thanks for the tip 31d1. (I'm still hoping against the odds that someone may have a fix for me.....but it's not like it was my life's thesis - this post was a 'just in case there's a way' hope).
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I wish gmail would let us open 2 windows at once as does hotmail. *sigh*

In Firefox (and probably Opera) you can duplicate any open tab.
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I wish gmail would let us open 2 windows at once as does hotmail. *sigh*

Clicky the little box icon with two boxes and and arrow, that says 'new window.'
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Response by poster: aww sh*t!! thanx carter..........I had looked and clicked everything on the front page when I first got the account.........musta somehow missed those little beasties inside (but there's no 'new window' written there, even with mouse above it....I think I'd probably thought - without looking properly - that it was just a logo) is just one of the little things I'd meant to look into further 'one day'. Cheers.
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No problem! I agree, I don't think it's an obvious button ...
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Ctrl + N will also allow you to open a new window of the IE page you're on.

As far as the clipboard is concerned you might try opening the office clipboard and see if the data was saved in some buffer. Additionally you can view what is in the buffer by opening the clipbook viewer C:\WINDOWS\system32\clipbrd.exe, but thus far it looks like its a single in/out system. However I'm not an expert and this is just what I could find on search.
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Response by poster: [this is good]. I tried checking out clipboard. No biggy - I rewrote the dang thing anyways.
But thanx for trying.
posted by peacay at 10:04 PM on March 31, 2005

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