Ghoulish ganja gâteau?
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We’re throwing a Hallowe’en party this weekend with all kinds of delicious goodies, and we’d like to make some “special treats” for our guests. Help us come up with something a little more inventive than brownies.

We have: A respectable quantity of suitable weed. An understanding of the principles of cooking with it (heat it in fat, etc.) but no first-hand experience. General competence at baking. A well-equipped kitchen. Enough time before the party to test a couple of different options.

We need: Your favourite THC dessert recipes, something sweet, maybe a little spicy (autumn spicy, like chai tea or pumpkin pie). Finger food would be nice but not essential. Bonus points for vegan or vegetarian. Extra bonus points if the title of your recipe is a cheesy Hallowe’en pun.

I’ll follow up with a sockpuppet after the party and let you know what we made and how it went.
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Make weed butter, then substitute it for normal butter in any recipe. Success!
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Groundbreaker brownies made with aforementioned butter.
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I have been informed that THC is soluble in peanut butter, which can then be used in any peanut butter cookie recipe.
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Chiming in with the other posters. Just cook it in fat friendly butter and/or oil. Use in dish, magic!
I don't know any specific Holloween treats I would cook, but what doesn't use butter or oil?
Hell, I put cannabutter on pancakes and life is dandy!
You mention you are not familiar with cooking, so make sure guests have plenty of time to judge the effects.
I've seen many people tap out and have to take a nap (even me!) When consuming cannabis treats!
Please do update and if you want some good recipes or techniques, feel free to drop a line and have a good time!
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You could make these brain cupcakes...

Extra bonus points if the title of your recipe is a cheesy Hallowe’en pun

Erm...Hallowe'ed [x] works for pretty much everything.
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Your favorite carrot cake recipe! With cream cheese frosting! Lots of fall-ish spices, nuts, raisins, etc. Quite delicious. Lots of good vegan versions out there if you want skip/replace the cream cheese frosting. Pumpkin bread would also be good.

The recipe is less important than the prep.

Whenever I cooked with it in the past, I usually ground everything up very fine (coffee grinder is great for this) and and didn't bother to strain out the plant matter after heating. If you grind it fine enough, this is not problematic in the least. If you go the vegan route (cooking oil), heat the oil and plant matter in a barely-simmering double-boiler for 45 min. to an hour. If you use butter, you can do the double-boiler thing also. Or, you can put butter/grinds in a pan of water, boil gently for 45-60 min., refrigerate, and skim the fat etc. off when it solidifies.

Both methods avoid the noob tendency to scorch the ganja and produce potent results. Do be patient and cautious - only have a little at a time - effects come on very slowly but are usually more intense than expected.
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The best ganj goodies I've ever had by far are fruity pebble treats (rice krispy treats made with fruity pebbles again). They're not very festive, but they're delicious. Maybe try them with coco krispies instead.
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Here's a couple links from Mental Floss that might inspire you. I'll leave it to others to help in working in any special ingredients.
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