Help us find an awesome place to stay in Eastern PA!
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15 friends and I are planning a reunion for April 14-17th of next year. We'd like to stay somewhere in Eastern Pennsylvania.

The details:

16 people (give or take a few), all adults 25+, some couples
Coming from Pittsburgh, VA, DC, NH, upstate NY
Staying Thursday through Sunday
Would like to spend less than $200 per person for three nights.

Last year we stayed at the State College Farmhouse and had an absolute blast. If you need to stay in that area, I cannot recommend it enough. Wraparound porch, fully stocked pantry, insane wallpaper, adorable decor, free linens, wifi, hiking, a creek, a fire pit! It was a lot of fun.

This time around, we'd like to find a place that's within 6 hours of our respective locations, so Eastern PA looks great. I've been searching, but a lot of what I've found is ski lodges that are monstrous and way more luxurious than we need. I know some of the group would enjoy this kind of thing (and I won't argue with a hot tub!) but I'd like to find a place with as much character as our lovely farmhouse.

There doesn't need to be too much to do, really, but it should be within short driving distance of a grocery store at the very least, with nice scenery and possible opportunities for hiking/enjoying nature.

Unique suggestions welcome, but we do need showers!
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This place is amazing. Trust.
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I have been considering this place for an upcoming long weekend. There is definitely some nice scenery in the area.
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We haven't been there (yet), but the Harry Packer Mansion looks interesting. We were planning on going for one of their murder mystery weekends, so I'm not sure what else is around there.
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You might consider Bucks County, PA, particularly New Hope, PA and its sister town right across the Delaware River in New Jersey - Lambertville, NJ.
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My family stayed here:
for a night in the Summer.

Unique - yes
Laid back - yes
Luxurious - no
good food at the restaurant.

It was an experience. We would typically choose something a little more mainstream, but it was a lot of fun. Kind of like South of the Border is an experience.
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Actually, if you're looking for a place that's relatively cheap but not luxurious, what about cabins in one of the Pennsylvania State Parks? I'm sure other state parks have them, but if you stay in the ones at Ricketts Glen, you'll have easy access to some pretty (but somewhat hazardous) hiking trails full of waterfalls.
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