Where can I clean up this Halloween just for dressing up?
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I like to dress up for Halloween and have no earthly reason other than I'm childish enough to enjoy it--no costume party to go to this year. Sad face. So...Help me pick up all the loot we can on Halloween!

Where can we get something special just because it's Halloween and/or we're in costume? I'm mostly looking for national chains here, not local, and I'm in the U.S.

Bonus points if you don't have to be "under 12". Double bonus points if it is not just Sunday, October 31st. I already know about the IHOP Scary Pancake deal tomorrow morning.

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Not sure how extensive your costume collection is, but if you dress up as a processed food item you can get a $2 "boorito" at Chipotle.
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A lot of malls have costume contests that aren't age-restricted.
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If you have a pet, there are even more costume events. No loot (maybe for a winner), but still a reason to dress up.
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I like dressing up for Hallowe'en too. Before Mrs. Plinth and I had kids, when we didn't have a party, we'd go to local bars - not the local watering hole kind, but the larger party bars.
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I love the Chipotle deal, but we don't have any here.

Thanks for the advice, everyone!
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