A shaking soft soundless toy for a very funny boy?
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A few years ago I bought a vinyl soft-filled cable car toy for my nephew. All it had was a pull-cord on the side that when pulled would make the toy gently shake or rattle until the pull-cord ring was back at the side of the toy. It was great! It made zero noise! It's been discontinued! Help me find something like it that I can order over the internet for a very nice three-year-old's Christmas present. It need not be a cable car but trains or other mechanicos would be awesome! Thank you so much in advance.
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Looks like Gund has some animals.

And here's an airplane on eBay.

And Toys R Us seems to have a lot too. (Not all of the ones in this list vibrate.)
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My kid had this vibrating zebra that didn't really make noise and he really dug it.
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