how to make 2 scans into one file
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Is there an easy way to make 2 scans into one file? Without photoshop? Need to upload some pages but it must be as one file. Don't have photoshop. Wondering if there's any simple way to do this. Thanks if you can help!
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Need some more details:

What kind of scanner do you have?
Did the scanner come with software?
Are these scans of paper documents or photos?
Where is it being uploaded to?
What file format does it have to be in?
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If you can scan the pages, and copy/paste the images into Word, then save/print to PDF, that might be the quickest, easiest way. It doesn't create the worlds greatest PDF, or allow for OCR, or anything like that, but I get the sense you are in a hurry.
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You want to use PDF, not images for this.
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Do you have a Mac? You can use Preview to click and drag pages of pdfs between different Preview documents to make one bug document. See here/
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big, not bug. sigh.
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Most scanner software will let you add multiple pages to a single file. You just have to select that option in the interface and tell it you're going to keep adding pages until you're done.
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Windows or Mac?

Word, save as .pdf works.

MSPaint works. Open image #1. enlarge the image - image, attributes to accommodate the 2nd image. This can also be done by grabbing a corner with the mouse, but they can be devilishly tiny.

Paste in 2nd image, and move it to empty area.

Save as desired image type.

MSPaint is surprisingly competent.
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What's it for? You could just put them both into a folder and compress it.
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Microsoft ICE takes two scanned images and stitches them together. The scans need to have some overlap so the program can figure out how to join them. I've been pretty happy with it and it's free.
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Use sumopaint or any of the othe free photoshop online clones. Upload paste together and then resave.
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Do you want to stitch together separate scans into one image? IrfanView does this very quickly and easily (through the Panorama feature), and it's free.
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Seconding irfanview, it's great for pretty much anything that isn't creation of an original image.
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Scan to PDF and use PDFSam ("PDF Split and Merge" -- it's free!) to merge the files.
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Don't have photoshop.

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