The (Leather Steering) Wheel that Grips
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What would remedy a leather-covered steering wheel that's worn in spots? Depending on the weather, it gets gummy-feeling and gross.
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Purchase an aftermarket steering wheel cover for it.
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Seconding HuronBob. You can get them in leather. I've got one in my truck, it required stitching on, but that was only mildy tricky, and it's a massive improvement over the original vinyl.

The other possibility is that you've just got a build up of hand grease and dirt on the leather. On humid days that will go sticky. To see whether that's the case, gently clean it with mildly soapy water and see whether any gunk comes off. Then treat with a non-slippery leather treatment product (available from auto shops.)
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Saddle soap.
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I've had good luck with Wheelskins . I find that once they deteriorate to the point where your hands start to feel stick a steering wheel cover is really the only option. I need to order one for my 15 year-old one myself.
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Seconding Saddle Soap. It's gummy because of skin oils, not the leather. You've got a big leather ring covered in goo. It (probably!) just needs to be stripped and conditioned (I like Meguiar's leather cream).
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Response by poster: Will saddle soap help with the appearance? The gooey part looks dull, while the rest of it looks like the usual shiny leather.
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Yes, saddle soap could help with the appearance. The gooey part is crud and dirt. It'll remove it and condition the leather.
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Yeah, the most important part is to clean it. You won't know what you can do about the appearance until you get the goo off. On my car, the leather is actually dull, so what I think you mean (and what I used to mean as well) about "usual" shiny leather is actually the polished leather from skin oils and touching. Yes, a lot of leather has that polished sheen to it, but not "used" shiny like you see in older cars, steering wheels and living room chairs.
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