What are some good multiplayer games for Android?
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My girlfriend and I both have an Android phone each. Please recommend some good Android games which allow us to play against each other head-to-head. Puzzle games probably preferred. Thanks!
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"Wordfeud" is a good one (Scrabble, basically)... You each have to sign up and then can play each other or random strangers.
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Everlands is a neat turn-based boardgame. You can play another person but it all happens on one device, which is fine since it's turn-based, but obviously you have to be in the same place. Sadly it has no online/play-by-email mode, which it would be perfect for.
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Not really a game, but you should both have Tikl, the best walkie talkie app. Hours of fun talking like truckers.
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I've had fun playing 2 Player Reactor with my girlfriend. You play it on one device, sitting opposite each other. There's even a 4 Player Reactor - I haven't tried that though.
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Thanks for the answers. It seems Android could do with a few more of the sort of game I describe...
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