What is this song???
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Song stuck in my head. But I can't figure what it is! Please read what little I remember and try to help!

It's one of those songs you hear in Kroger or CVS... like a soft-rock oldies song from the 60's to the 80's. I've heard it a million times. In fact, the reason it's stuck in my head is because I just heard it at Kroger.

I apparently have the lyrics wrong, because I've been searching for the phrases for the last hour.

The chorus is something like, "I'm gonna find her"
"What a good girl she will be" or "What a gooooood girl I will find"
From what I remember, it's about the guy going somewhere to find a girl.
I thought I remembered him singing about "going down to san fransico [bay]" but I may have gotten that mixed up with another 60's tune.

It's not bare naked ladies. Or Tom Petty.

The only thing I could come up with was someone else asking about a song with similar lyrics and description but everyone answered it with Bare Naked Ladies.

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Ooops I mean Brandi.
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Best answer: Are you thinking of Brandy? It has the part in the chorus- Brandy, you're a fine girl, what a gooooood wife, you will be.
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Best answer: Youtube Brandi
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Best answer: For some reason this makes me think of Brandy (You're A Fine Girl). Dunno if that's quite it though.
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Best answer: Just adding to the chorus (hah!) that I thought it was Brandy as well, before reading the other answers.
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Best answer: I was also thinking of Brandy. There's also the part about going down to a harbor town, which kinda goes with what you remember.
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Response by poster: Oh man!!

I have NO IDEA how you guys found that considering I was way off with the lyrics!
I knew you guys wouldn't fail me, though!

The main reason I couldn't find it, was because when I searched "what a good wife" (i thought maybe 'wife' at one point), but all I came up with was Brandi lyrics - and I thought those were lyrics for that R&B chick Brandi. So I did a -brandi/y on my searches.

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My best friend was named after that song! I was just going to come suggest it!
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