Please vet a vet for my cat.
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It's getting to be time I took my cat Trilby to the veterinarian for his first annual check up since I adopted him last October 30th. But first I have to find a vet. Can anyone recommend a good vet in central or west end Toronto?
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I highly recommend Bathurst Dupont Animal Hospital. Dr Koroknai (sounds like "corknoy') is absolutely the gentlest vet and a great communicator. His wife and the other vet there are also great but he's a special case.
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The folks at Bloor West Animal Hospital (Bloor near Jane) have been wonderful with our two complicated, sick cats. Our current fuzzball with polycystic kidney disease is being treated by Dr. Donner, and Drs. Morris and Lyons are great too. Nice long hours (open until 11pm weekdays) as well.
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We use the Bloor West Animal Hospital's sister location (Downtown Animal Hospital...Church & Isabella, roughly) and they're also great. I believe they share records between all five locations (they're also in the Beaches, North York and Scarborough) which means you can sometimes pick up special food or prescriptions from the other locations if that's more convenient.
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No recommendations, but your cat is beautiful, and I love the name: Trilby!


Carry on.
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He's in the east end, but I really like Dr. Skinner (yes, that is his name) at Kew Beach Vets (disclosure: he became our cat's vet after I started babysitting his kids). I find he's very good with...realistic? pet care (i.e. he won't recommend a procedure unless it's something that your animal actually needs).
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Response by poster: For anyone looking for a vet, I found this very helpful site.
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Response by poster: I ended up going to the Bloor West Animal Hospital, and Dr. Downer examined Trilby. I was pleased with the service.
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