How to add blogging functionality to a static website
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What is the easiest way to add blogging capability to a static website?

A friend asked me to do this for him. He has a website for his Chiropractic business. He would like to be able to quickly post updates to a part of his website.

Free and straight forward would be preferred, but he seems open to paid solutions if they are clearly better and require less maintenance.
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Hire someone to build wordpress into it.
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To give a good answer we need more information.

Does your friend actually want a blog or just to change information on his website regularly?

HTML and technical proficiency?


What is his current website hosting arrangement and what kind of upload access does he have?
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blosxom is super easy and elegant: to add a post, you just put a text file in your blosxom folder. You can also use whatever html and css he already has with the template.
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You might check out Cubescripts' $50 "instant update" software package. I've heard good things about it.

Another idea: Try Webvanta. They'll even take you all the way from PSD file to website. You do have to host with them, but it's not a bad deal.
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Wordpress. Either move his entire site into Wordpress, or drop Wordpress into a /blog directory and add a link from the home page,
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Does he want a full-blown blog, or just the ability to add news?

If the former - well, I've deployed several Wordpress blogs and I'd recommend it. Just do what COD suggests.

If it's just news, then something like Perch (self-hosted) or SurrealCMS (hosted by them) might suffice.

If he really doesn't mind have the blog off-site, then he could register something like and just link to it. Almost zero set-up.
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Oh, how cute. It looks like Perch has a blogging add-on.
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> What is his current website hosting arrangement and what kind of upload access does he have?

We definitely need to know this before we can proceed.
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How about a Tumblr account? You could write the blog on there, and then just insert it into a page on your site using their javascript embed widget, like so:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

You can style it with css, etc.
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