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Is there an easier way to zero on on a great Wordpress theme?

My new favorite MeFite theichibun is graciously hosting my website, write your principal, on his servers. But I need help finding a decent wordpress template and there are a million choices and it's overwhelming me.

I'd been using Tumblr's Just Plain Theme and would like something similar--clean, good for text, probably white, room for a photo in the header, with either a sidebar or multiple columns. Is there an easy way to sort through options? or a go-to site you'd suggest for searching? At this point I'd probably even be willing to pay up to $100 for a premium theme. I don't have a huge amount of technical skill but can do a little and have SOME help.

Any ideas for making this search easier would help.
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I usually develop my own themes, so I don't have too much experience with other people's! The default TwentyTen theme isn't far off what you're asking for. Another option might be the Tarski theme.
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TwentyTen does seem to fit your needs, but if you want a slightly more distinctive look, Woo Themes has a good selection of free and paid themes. Another good source, though probably overkill for what you need, is the StudioPress collection.

Both Woo Themes and StudioPress are well regarded companies, and their themes are widely used by Wordpress pros, and have good support if you ever need it.
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I can't help you find a theme, but I do have a suggestion. The problem with many free and commercial themes is that they often have flaws that prevent them from working or displaying properly, especially in different browsers. You may not be able to get the author to fix them and it may be very difficult to fix them yourself or make any other changes.

If you find a theme you like but find it has problems then consider recreating it using using Atahaulpa. Atahaulpa is a free well-behaved Wordpress theme that is completely customizable using menus and CSS properties. It looks good "out of the box", it's been around for awhile and it has an excellent user community/support forum.

It's configuration menu looks complicated, but it's not that hard to make it look the way you want, although to get the most out of it you'll needs some knowledge of CSS.
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Have a look at the themes at The Theme Foundry, particularly the pro Vigilance theme. You can get their themes for free, or pay a theme-fee for the pro versions. Good customisable themes, good service, good forums. Worth the money.
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Maybe something in keeping with your subject, the Academica theme perhaps ?
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