Divorce, anxiety, healthcare costs = sad, panicky panda.
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Help me get health insurance at reasonable rates. Special snowflake details inside!

I have been separated from my husband for 2 years. It has been a very amicable split and he has had me on his insurance from his employer this whole duration, even paying the approximately $2K a year it costs to have me on it.

I have had, on top of the split, some events that have caused extreme stress and anxiety that I cannot seem to shake. It has been preventing me from looking for a job, I panic as soon as I get an interview. It has taken over my life. I am currently seeing doctors for this, but due to not being employed, even the costs with insurance are stressful.

I am living with someone currently who I am going to marry, and believe me I know that I need to break off from my ex so both of us can move on. It's not fair to him and I appreciate what he has done for me for all of this time.

What can an extremely anxious, future divorcee do to move on, stop being so dependent, and get the help I need along the way as cheaply as possible?

Thanks for any help!
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I think actually going through with the divorce would be a good first step.
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The details inside here really don't impact on your request for help in finding inexpensive insurance.

We don't know where you are so we can't assume what social service medical help might be available.

I am assuming, however, that you understand that, once divorced, you can't stay on your husband's policy.

To identify a policy that might be right for you there are two steps:

1. get recommendations from friends for an honest, well established, INDEPENDENT (meaning, no ties to a single insurance company) Insurance Agent.

2. Allow the agent to do the leg work in looking for a policy within the limits of your budget.
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Would your significant other's employer (if there is an employer) put you on his/her insurance as a domestic partner?

Re purchasing an individual policy -- speak to an insurance agent. I haven't done this in a while, and don't know if health care reform has changed this, but most likely if you're seeking to buy an individual policy that is "affordable" (ha) you won't be getting coverage for MH outpatient services. You'll be getting if-I-get-hit-by-a-bus slash if-I-get-cancer coverage.

Re costs of outpatient MH care -- If you leave your husband's group policy, and there's no domestic partner coverage, then you're really just looking at figuring out how to budget and economize on your out of pocket costs for MH care. E.g., using generic meds, buying mail order, asking your provider if he/she has a sliding scale, setting up a health savings account (assuming you pay income tax, maybe you don't if you don't have a job right now).

The only exceptions would be in you live in San Francisco or Massachusetts. In San Francisco you could get affordable care from Healthy San Francisco. In Massachusetts you could buy into the state-provided plan. I am not aware of other programs, maybe other MeFites are.
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Once you're divorced, you should be able to go on COBRA - divorce is a qualifying event so long as it results in a loss of coverage. COBRA isn't cheap though.

Once you marry, you should be able to go on your new spouse's plan, assuming they already have insurance and can add dependents. Some employers (rarely) offer coverage to opposite gender domestic partners. If your finance has coverage through their employer, you might check that out. Rare yes, but worth a check.
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