Vintage. Lowball. Glasses.
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Where in Toronto should I look for vintage lowball glasses like these?

I can't order them online because they're a last minute gift idea, and I can't scour the shops myself because I'm really busy this week. Thus, I can't just go to Value Village and hope to get lucky. What store, or strip of stores, is most likely to have something along these lines?
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I'd try the strip at the end of Queen at Roncesvalles. Bring a photo so they know exactly what you mean.
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I'd agree that your best luck might be the Queen & Roncy area for walking, but if that doesn't work, you could try the East End strip in Leslieville between Broadview and Jones that includes Philz, Machine Age Modern, The Rogue Gallery, Ethel (I already emailed Shauntelle to ask - they're downsizing their own home and have a fabulous bar), G.U.F.F., Bronze, Zig Zag etc.

And, also you could ask at these places, which are in the East End, but not along that strip: Eclectisaurus (they often don't update the website); and/or UpsideDive (they have these online).

And there's Bungalow.
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Do they need to be vintage? Do they need to have pretty things painted all over them? If not, Braswell's Preserves come in an appropriately sized and shaped glass intended to be used for drinking out of once the jam is gone. And the jam is good, too. You can probably find them in any specialty kitchen shop. They're also in TJ Maxxes all across the States, dunno if you have those in Canada.
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Also forgot: The St. Lawrence Market's Sunday Antique Market, but this weekend it's outside only. Also, there's the last Aberfoyle Antique Market on Sunday, and Meister Markt on Saturday, either of at which you'd be very likely to find some.
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That type of glass is also called and old-fashioned or double old-fashioned glass, depending on the size. Hope that helps in your search.
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Is it the shape of the glass you're looking for or the painting?

If it's just the shape, I have a number of glasses almost exactly like that, with the straight, unpatterned sides, and the heavy bottoms, and I bought them at Loblaws.
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Response by poster: Thanks. For the record: I was looking for the combination of shape and a vintage design. I tried a couple of the vintage stores in Mirvish Village today, might try Bungalow, and was hoping to avoid having to go to the East End or the Queen/Roncy strip just because it's a schlep.
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There is a shop at queen/Ossington that has lots of cute vintage housewares that you should check out. I cant remember the name but its between Ossington and Dovercourt.
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