I really dont want to give up on my coffee
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I have a 2010 Toyota Rav4, and the cupholders in the front are almost impossible to put a cup of coffee in. For example, I went to DD this morning and I tried to put my coffee in the cupholder but was afraid to because I thought the plastic piece that darts out almost punctured the side of the cup. Anyone else have this car/problem?
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(I don't have a Rav4.) Don't those plastic pieces fold down when you press on them? Alternately, did your car come with the cupholder inserts that the older models did? Depending on your cup size maybe you need the insert?

You could also get an aftermarket insert like this that might make it easier to handle your coffee cup.
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I know the plastic piece that sticks out in Nissan cupholders will actually fold down and push on the cup when you put a cup in, thus providing a more secure holder.
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Is it that the pieces that should fold down when you press on them are actually too stiff to fold down quickly, and put too much pressure on the cup? Must be a way to lower the resistance somehow, or maybe fix padding to the edge of the darts? If you don't want to fix them, a sturdy reusable cup seems like the best option.
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Get a real cup.
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Our 2010 Rav4 came with plastic inserts like these. Didn't realize they were an option. Having said that, my regular coffee cup fits a little too tightly and the insert sometimes get stuck to the cup.
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Just to clarify my earlier comment - the cup does not get stuck in the cup holder. Rather, the insert hangs to your cup when you pick it up, so you have to remove it and put it back in the cup holder.
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