video chat between android and ipod touch.
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video chat between android and ipod touch.

My wife and I have android phones (HTC incredible ) and my son has an Ipod Touch (4th gen). I know our phones don't have the front facing camera but I would like to figure out how to get video chat running none the less.

I am taking a very long trip in advance of our whole family moving and would like to keep in touch with them over the road.

Simplicity is the key. I can set everyone up before I leave but the program needs to be easy enough so they can maintain it when I'm gone.

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Best answer: Fring does free video chat for both android and iphone/ipod touch so should be worth a look - works over 3G and wifi. It's pretty straightforward.

Skype have just released an updated version for all android phones that does voice, but not video. Some networks are restricted from using 3G for VOIP calls though.

Nimbuzz is another cross-platform voice (but not video) app for android/iphone.
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Another cross-platform app/service is Tango, with both iPhone and Android clients. According to their website, you can use it for 3G calling:
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