Data mining book recommendation.
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Data mining book recommendation. I would like a recommendation for a single book which would give me a comprehensive guide to data mining. Ideally this book would contain plenty of examples of real world applications of data mining techniques in a variety of contexts. Bonus points if it contains exercises which I can do myself in whatever software package they recommend. There is no shortage of resources online but I would value a recommendation from someone on here.

About me - I am interested in learning more about a career in this area. I have background in software development and pretty strong SQL skills but but my maths/stats capabilities are underdeveloped.

I have kept the question brief but will be checking in on the thread to see if you need any more information. In a nutshell I am looking for a single, authoritative, practical, introduction to the world of data mining in book form. I have been grazing sites and blogs and amazon and podcasts etc but as a Mefite I value your opinion.
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I often recommend this one. It uses Weka (and is by the authors of Weka), which is a popular open-source data mining tool.
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I took a class at NYU last semester for Data Warehousing and Data Mining.

We did not have a required book for data mining (the teacher provided notes) but I would suggest reading up on Data Warehousing first. Mining and Warehousing are similar -they both focus on getting actual meaningful "stuff" out of tons of data.

The books I used for Data Warehousing:
1. The Data Warehouse Lifecycle Toolkit (2nd Edition)
Authors - Kimball, Ross, Thornthwaite, Mundy & Becker
Publisher - Wiley
2. The Data Warehouse Toolkit (2nd Edition)
Authors - Ralph Kimball, Margy Ross
Publisher - Wiley
3. Building the Data Warehouse (4th edition)
Author - William Inmon
Publisher - Wiley

It was a very tough subject but VERY interesting! Good luck!

**You can send me a personal message if you want me to send you the data mining notes.
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duddes02 - sent you a memail! Thanks.
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Thanks chbrooks. That book you recommended is partially available in google books here. Working my way through it and it looks like just what I wanted. Thanks.
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